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Real Health Conference

We are not hosting this great conference in 2018 due to the state of our current economy. Our team at Lancaster Agriculture invests a large sum of financial resources to fund the event every year, and we feel that spending this budget in 2018 will not be fruitful for the community. Instead, we feel it’s more important to give back to farmers who have worked so hard for their education in the past. While we embrace our mission of organic agriculture training and education, the organic agriculture market pay price is being suppressed, and we want to help.

Partnership Program

Instead of this much-needed conference we are reaching out to the farmers who have committed to us and to the real health conference in the past. We decided to offer a Partnership program that allows farmers to purchase products at wholesale prices as well as provide them with free services. We can accomplish this by bundling services together for farmers in exchange for their loyalty to continue buying from us. Through the program we offer spreading and spraying at no charge in areas we currently provide the amenity. In addition there will be soil, forage and water sample offered at no charge, as well as discounted rates for all of our products. Over the course of the year this can add up to thousands of dollars in savings, and it is our hope it will help boost the recovery of our economy.

Please feel free to call the office and make an appointment with Reuben to find out how you can apply for our partnership program. We are here to support you and weather the storm together in today’s suppressed agriculture economy.

How we serve humans

We offer a selection of human wellness products to promote health

Agriculture and Human Wellness
The link between an agricultural company such as Lancaster Ag and human wellness lies in the quote, “We are what we eat.” Thus, human health begins in the soil.

Clean quality seeds

Sowing seeds that grow into highly mineralized crops is the result of building up life and biology in the soil.

Growing REAL foods in healthy soil

The goal is to raise fruits and vegetables in balanced soils with readily available nutrients. Our premier garden products play an important role in producing nutrient-dense foods.

Quality of life starts with healthy soil

Fertile, healthy soil teems with life and activity and has nutrients that are readily available. Our blend products are formulated to help aid this natural biology.

Edifying quality of livestock

Good livestock health is vital. Our high-quality mineral blends, wholesome nutrititious feeds, and our animal nutrition/health products support healthy herds.

Educational resources for lifelong learning

Knowing that lifelong learning enriches life, we make education about sustainable living a priority. The books we offer give you guidance for the journey.