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Amishman's Handy Guide
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Detailed Description
Amishman’s Handy Guide to Minerals, Vitamins and Food Supplements

by Dr. Richard N. Olree Jr. DC

• Written in easy-to-understand language
• Full color photos
• Definitions & photos of herbs, botanicals & ancient essential oils from the Bible, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, amino acids & more
• Shopping guides to avoid GMOs
• Soil nutrients & their relationship to healthy plants
• Great research tool for checking food ingredients or health product labels
• Dr. Olree has a B.S. in Human Biology and a Doctor of Chiropractic. Since 1981 his family-based practice has been located in Hillman, Michigan and he also serves two Amish communities in northern Michigan. Besides his chiropractic practice, he has maintained Hillman Health Foods since 2001 so that he can offer his patients quality nutritional supplements. He travels the country teaching about the wonderful benefits of understanding, obtaining and eating organic food.

Book Highlights - Over 1,000 Entries!
• The Nervous System: a detailed graphic of the spine
• Water: how it affects health
• The Human Immune System: the impact of microflora on the immune system
• Probiotics: how to choose the 44 quality probiotics (the good bacteria)
• Vitamins: descriptions of 22 essential vitamins
• Minerals & Human Health: 35 minerals are defined
• Soil Nutrients: nutrients and their relationship to healthy plants
• Amino Acids: function, deficiencies and food sources of over 40 amino acids
• Bach Essence Flowers: 71 Bach flower remedies
• Essential Oils: healing properties of 66 oils
• Medicinal Herbs of the Bible: 139 entries with scriptures and uses in biblical times
• Common Herbs: exhaustive definitions of hundreds of herbs
• Conditions Affected by Herbs: research tool listing illnesses & healing aides
• Definitions of Human Conditions: explanation of medical terms
• Sourcing the Elements & Amino Acids: plants that contain key
elements & amino acids
• Heavy Metals: how they affect the body and degrade human health; how to avoid & eradicate them