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$ 175.00
Item #: 106103150
Detailed Description
• 50% endophyte-free tall fescue, 20% perennial ryegrass, 20% orchardgrass, 10% white clover
• Special formulation of forage grasses for stockier cattle, beef cows and calves
• Good for finishing beef
• Contains soft-leaved tall fescue for high digestibility and overall dry matter intake
• Close grazing-tolerant
• Highly productive, high-energy variety
• Rapid weight gains in cattle
• Good persistence and forage quality
• Seeding Rate: 30 to 35 lb. per acre

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Please note: Seed availability and quality is affected by weather conditions, crop failures, etc. Call Lancaster Ag for current availability. We are also happy to assist with substitutions in the event of unavailability.