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D-Compose -15 gal
D-Compose -15 gal
$ 105.00
Item #: 052001015
Detailed Description
• Ingredients: humic acid, fulvic acid, sea minerals, microbiological soil stimulant
• Contains biology made up of bacteria, enzymes and amino acids
• A blend that can aid in the breakdown of plant debris from this year’s plants
• Designed to enhance the biological life of the soil
• Helps the soil rejuvenate itself over winter
• Small area: Apply 1 qt. D-Compose with 1 gal. water per 1,000 sq. ft.
• Large area: Apply 4 gal. D-Compose with 20 gal. water per acre.
• Apply evenly to soil surface and plant debris
• Following application, lightly till into the soil