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Energy - 25 lb Bag
Energy - 25 lb Bag
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Detailed Description
Pelleted Equine "Calorie Pack," Complete Amino Acid Supplement and Essential Fatty Acids

Energy™ Organic is a blended formula of A.B.C.'s Plus® and the most natural and balanced sources of amino acids, fats and essential fatty acids (Omega-3 and Omega-6). Energy™ Organic has been formulated to supply the demanding nutritional and calorie needs of active horses. It is considered A.B.C.'s "Calorie pack" - used specifically for horses that have difficulty holding weight under stressful conditions, which includes: horses in heavy training, brood mares, lactating mares, growing foals, rescue horses, and aged horses.

Energy™ Organic is widely used on the show circuit to achieve outstanding hair coat shine. It is also very effective in supplying needed calories during competition.