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Heritage Feeds (Lancaster Ag’s own line) - Feeding livestock with wholesome and nutritious ingredients. We have formulated 17 Heritage Feeds for optimum vitality in your herds.

Wholesome and Nutritious
Heritage Feeds are the perfect choice for farmers and growers looking for feeds for their livestock with wholesome and nutritious ingredients. Inspired by farming concepts in the past, we at Lancaster Ag offer both complete certified organic feed and non-GMO feed in our Heritage Feeds line. We offer the best because we firmly believe that good nutrition results in good animal health.

The Basics
• Our organic feeds are PA Certified Organic
• Our grains exceed USDA minimum test weights
• Our feeds contain minerals from our own Nutri-Min line
• Our feed formulas always remain standard
• We custom mix according to specifications

The Standard Formulas of Heritage Feeds
We do not change our Heritage Feeds formulas or concentration of minerals when the prices in the market fluctuate. We feel it is more important to have adequate nutrition than producing feeds based on price. We also believe in the old adage, “You are what you eat.” Therefore, if you want high-quality meat, you need to feed your livestock grains with high quality and adequate nutrition regardless of the price. Feeding high-quality minerals and feeds is expensive. On the other hand, hospital stays and chemotherapy treatment are also very expensive.

The Most Common Ingredients in Heritage Feeds
Here at Lancaster Ag we have our own top-quality nutritional line called Nutri-Min that we manufacture in-house. These minerals were formulated with input from well-known experts, such as Jim Helfter, Dr. Dan Skow, Dr. Paul Dettloff, Dr. Richard Holliday, and Dr. Arden Andersen. By listening to these men, we came to realize that diversity is the key.

As you look over our labels, you will notice that many ingredients in our various feeds are similar, but with varying amounts. We have herbals, botanicals, probiotics, amino acids, nitrates, proteinates, and sulfate traces, as well as the major elements such as calcium, phosphorus, and sodium. All of these individual ingredients play an important role in the health of the animal and eventually in the health of the consumer. You may call us for a complete listing of ingredients or a copy of our labels.

Test Weights
The grains that we use in our Heritage Feeds meet the USDA minimum test weight. We even go beyond the USDA ’s recommended test weights to enhance the quality and longevity of life. We strive to go well above their minimum standards in the grains we use in our Heritage Feeds. Unfortunately mainstream feeds do not base their qualities on these standards. Rather they focus on buying their grains in the cheapest form available. Lightweight grain has little or no minerals: the lighter the grain, the less concentration of minerals there will be. With our Heritage Feeds line we take Dr. Arden Andersen’s quote literally: “Nutrition will bring genetic expression.” The fact is that the heavier the grains, the more nutrient dense the foods will be that are produced by the livestock.

To achieve desirable results in animals fed with Heritage Feeds, we coupled the values of GMO-free grains with good nutrition, using probiotics, botanicals, and herbal products. For example, our feeds give poultry a good immune system with which to fight off disease and illness. Also Heritage Feeds produce the best quality meat the consumer can buy.

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