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Soil Nutrients
Soil Nutrients - Foliar Sprays and Resources

Boosting forages and plants, vegetables and fruits with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Our seven popular foliars can revitalize plants.

Foliar Spray + Sunshine = Healthy Plants
Foliar spraying feeds plants by applying liquid nutrients directly to their leaves. In fact, the leaves and grasses are the plant’s factory. Spraying provides all of the necessary ingredients to grow the plant as they absorb nutrients through their leaves. Spraying plus sunshine yields a more nutrient-dense plant. Photosynthesis captures nature’s free energy to build molecules that make a nutrient-rich plant. Foliar spraying is an excellent way to make a good plant into a top quality plant to provide optimum quality vegetables and fruits or feed for healthy livestock.

A Balanced Approach
It is best to use a balanced spraying approach. Building carbon-based molecules in a plant requires a full program in foliars. We at Lancaster Ag rarely apply straight nitrogen without adding trace minerals such as sugar, carbon, trace minerals, and humic products. Our foliars can be custom formulated with a variety of nutrients for the specific needs of your farming crops.

Foliars at Green-up and after Cuttings
Spray foliars on your pasture and hay crops at green-up to boost early growth and improve plant health. Nutrients at this early growth stage determine the size that plants will grow to for the first harvest. Also foliar spray crops after each cutting or grazing for more energies from the sugars and for better quality grazing. Spraying at these times will...
• strengthen the plants
• lessen insect damage
• resist disease throughout the season.

Foliar Feeding in Stress Conditions
In stress conditions, foliar feed is a must. It will boost the immune system in forages and plants, especially in fruits and vegetables, and help to establish optimum health. When there are stress conditions, find ways to foliar feed crops more often. In this way nurse them to health for wholesome disease-resistant forages and feed for your livestock. Products include: Fruit mix, F-1 CFU, Blossom Set, Force, Fish (Liquid) Lancaster Ag Phos Fish CFU, Cal-Phos, and MPM 1-1-0 CFU

How to Take a Soil Sample

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