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Colorful Foods
God has created the human race with the ability to make choices. Know that diversity is important when it comes to nutrition and the minerals that plants bring to humans, so choose from a wide variety of foods.

A simple rule of thumb is to choose colorful foods, as in the phrase, “Eating your color.” Meat and potatoes can be a great diet when accompanied by leafy greens, garden salads, peas, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, squash, and root vegetables such as carrots. Eat as wide a diversity of color (reds, greens, whites, etc.) as possible.

Nutritious food seasonings are available from Lancaster Ag to add to dishes that are family favorites. We offer a kelp season shaker, Ada’s Herb Mix, and several varieties of Redmond’s Real Salt.

Community of Oasis at Bird-in-Hand
60 N. Ronks Road
Ronks, PA 17572

Oasis at Bird-in-Hand is a group of Lancaster County, PA farmers who are growing healthy, nutrient-dense and chemical-free food. They use sustainable methods to increase the biology in their soils so that they are the best possible stewards of the fertile land they farm. Their Oasis processing facility/creamery/retail store is located on the campus of Lancaster Ag. Here they sell produce, cheeses, grass-fed meats, dairy products, and full-flavored prepared foods all local and fresh from Lancaster County.

Lancaster Ag offers these Real Live Foods from Oasis that are life enhancing: *Butter *Cheeses *Grass-fed meats

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