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For the past 20 years Lancaster Agriculture Products has been one of the east coast leading distributors that is committed to creating and increased susptainable food cycle. We achieve this by empowering farmers with the products and knowledge they need to restore vitality to both human and animal health.

Organic Agriculture Product Specialist:

This candidate must have an appreciation for the principles of the organic culture. Primary responsibilities include retail store sales, customer service support and educational training. Other responsibilities would include phone support, purchasing, and small package shipments. Ability to lift 50 pounds is required.

Truck Drivers/Spreading Operators:

The right candidate(s) should have experience in operating farm equipment, spreading limestone and spraying liquid foliars. Other responsibilities include product deliveries and light warehouse work. One position requires a CDL Class A.

In House Sales Representative:

Responsibilities include entering incoming sales orders, customer service, and providing product support for agricultural growers. Organic agriculture background required.

All candidates for these positions should desire permanent employment. They should also possess an appreciation for the principles of sustainable agriculture and the value of organic farming, including animal and human health. Compensation for these positions are based on individual experience and capabilities.

Please send cover letter and resume to: Lancaster Ag Products, Attn: Steven Rowell, 60 N. Ronks Rd, Ronks, PA 17572, or email to or drop off in person. No phone calls, please.

How we serve humans

We offer a selection of human wellness products to promote health

Agriculture and Human Wellness
The link between an agricultural company such as Lancaster Ag and human wellness lies in the quote, “We are what we eat.” Thus, human health begins in the soil.

Clean quality seeds

Sowing seeds that grow into highly mineralized crops is the result of building up life and biology in the soil.

Growing REAL foods in healthy soil

The goal is to raise fruits and vegetables in balanced soils with readily available nutrients. Our premier garden products play an important role in producing nutrient-dense foods.

Quality of life starts with healthy soil

Fertile, healthy soil teems with life and activity and has nutrients that are readily available. Our blend products are formulated to help aid this natural biology.

Edifying quality of livestock

Good livestock health is vital. Our high-quality mineral blends, wholesome nutrititious feeds, and our animal nutrition/health products support healthy herds.

Educational resources for lifelong learning

Knowing that lifelong learning enriches life, we make education about sustainable living a priority. The books we offer give you guidance for the journey.