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Ions - 3 lb Bucket
Ions - 3 lb Bucket
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Detailed Description
IONS™ Organic - Ionic Nutritional Supplement - supplements your horse with balanced electrolytes to reduce imbalances which may be caused by poor quality water or feeds.
Sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium and magnesium are the primary electrolytes (ions). When ions are balanced, they help to increase water consumption and retention, which can eliminate dehydration concerns and other health problems.

Include IONS™ Organic in your horse's diet during heavy training and warm weather. IONS™ Organic is needed when manifestations of tying-up, muscle cramping, anhidrosis, Synchronous Diaphragmatic Flutter (thumps) or diarrhea present themselves.

IONS™ Organic and Dehydration
In times of excessive heat, it is important to check if your horse is dehydrated. Do a "pinch test" on the skin of the neck to check for dehydration. Gently pinch, between thumb and forefinger, skin on the horse’s neck and pull away from the body. The skin should immediately return to its original position. If the skin does not immediately return, this is an indication of dehydration.

To alleviate this issue, IONS™ Organic can be top dressed on regular feed daily, per label instructions.
For severe cases, mix IONS™ Organic and Pro Bi to a watery paste that will easily pass through a syringe. Administer orally 40 - 60 cc twice per day until skin returns to normal with pinch test. Follow up with Ions, top dress, per label instructions until abnormal weather conditions subside.
Critical: Unlimited amounts of water must be available at all times. Free choice white salt at all times