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$ 185.00
Item #: 106119350
Detailed Description
• 46% European diploid & tetraploid perennial ryegrasses, 38% late-heading orchardgrasses, 7% Freedom! or Cyclone II Red Clover, 6 % Alice White Clover, 3% forage chicory
• Our Premier grazing mix designed for managed grazing
• Highly palatable mixture
• Excellent for high-producing livestock
• Ideal for good soils that have high productivity
• Has mineral nutrition and other animal health benefits
• Seeding Rate: 25 to 35 lb. per acre
• Coated with Myco Seed Treat

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Please note: Seed availability and quality is affected by weather conditions, crop failures, etc. Call Lancaster Ag for current availability. We are also happy to assist with substitutions in the event of unavailability.