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Meadow Top Dress 2-1-4 - GREEN - 1 ton Tote
Meadow Top Dress 2-1-4 - GREEN - 1 ton Tote
$ 835.00
Item #: 042020600
Detailed Description
• Ingredients: soft phosphate with colloidal clay, amino acid complex, potassium sulfate, ground limestone, gypsum, marl, humus, magnesium sulfate, humates, organic kelp, calcium borate, copper sulfate, zinc sulfate, fish meal, microbiological soil stimulant.
• Dry blend that is formulated to provide an array of minerals to feed the soil and grasses
• Apply 150-300 lb. per acre at planting time as a broadcast or beside-the-row application and/or spring greenup in conjunction with MPM or Cal-Phos

Please note: this product is listed under the wrong number in the 2015-16 catalog.