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No Fly Oil Based - Gallons
No Fly Oil Based - Gallons
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Detailed Description
Product Profile:
Effective - Provides Immediate and Effective Relief From Flies.
Natural - Is A Natural and Economical Topical Fly Repellent.
Customized Dilution - Can Be Used Full Strength or Diluted With Water or Oil to suit your needs
Versatile - Spray On - Wipe On - Or Use In An Oiler.
Pleasant - Nice Smell. Easy To Mix. Clean-Non-Sticky Formula

(Oil Base Concentrate)
Inert Ingredients: White Mineral Oil, Vanillin (natural source).
Active Ingredients: Soybean Oil 2%, Essential Oils Of: Cedar 0.80%, Peppermint 0.80%, Cinnamon 0.80%, Geranium 0.80%, Geraniol 0.80%, Lemon Grass 0.30 %, Rosemary 0.25%, Thyme 0.25%, Eugenol 2.0%