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Detailed Description
• Ingredients: coconutbased surfactant, castor oil, grain alcohol, oil of citrus reticulata, oleoresin of pinus palustris, oil of cymbopogon citratus, oil of caraphyllus, Phyto-guard oil of pimpinella anisum, oil of cinnamomum camphora, oil of myrtacea E. globulus
• All-natural plant protectant composed of many oils
• Can be helpful to deter insects and worm pests
• Contains secondary plant metabolites that plants themselves produce to arrest feeding by insects
• The dilution rate is 2.0-2.5%
• Small areas: Apply 3 oz. Phytoguard and 1.25 oz. Neem Oil with 1 gal. water
• Large areas: Apply 1 gal. Phytoguard and 50 oz. Neem Oil with 39 gal. water