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Real Health Conference 2017 (USB Thumbdrive)
Real Health Conference 2017 (USB Thumbdrive)
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Detailed Description
• Recordings of sessions from the 2015 Real Health Conference
• “Understanding GMOs & Glyphosates and Their Effects on Soil and Nutrition” by Michael McNeil
• “Hormone & Thyroid Function” by Dr. Streeter
• “How Lack of Minerals Affects Today’s Human Health” by Dr. Olree
• Food demonstrations by Leroy Miller, Tim & Ann Bock and Mary Stoltzfus
• “Animal Health& Veterinary Workshop for Oraganic Livestock Including Evaluation, Immunity & Whey Products and Systems” by Dr. Detloff & Dr. Holliday
• Workshops on soil micro-biology, crop mineralization and biological seed treatment by Steve Becker & Mark Fulford
• Q&A from each speaker
• Sessions about livestock, orchards, soil health and human health