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Root Pro - 1 gal
Root Pro - 1 gal
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Detailed Description
• Ingredients: various strains and types of microbes
• A compost tea that provides many nutrients
• Use as a soil drench for transplanting plants or bare rootstock
• Inoculates the roots with macro trace nutrients and biologicals
• Gives plants a major boost during transplant stress
• Organic growers should check with certifiers for approval prior to use
• Broadcast application: Apply 2 to 12 gal. per acre
• In-furrow application: Apply 1 gal. per acre
• Foliar application: Apply 0.5 to 2 gal. per acre
• Seed piece or bulb: Mix 1:1 with water and spray
• Root dip application: Mix 1:1 with water and thoroughly soak roots prior to transplant
• Greenhouse: Apply 16-32 oz. per 1,000 sq. ft. after emergence
Drip System: 8ozs per 100' of drip line immediately after planting and 4ozs per 100' ongoing.