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Seeds - Small Grains and Resources

Small grains refer both to the plants, which are mostly grasses, and the valuable seeds of these plants. Many small grains are grass seeds that can be ground into flour for food. Plants in the small grains category include wheat, rye, barley, oats, tritcale, spelt, and buckwheat. Maintaining healthy soils and selecting the proper varieties are necessary to profitably grow these crops.

Small Grains as Cover Crops
Small grains can play an important role as cover crops. They are valuable in...
• building soil
• providing organic matter
• adding nitrogen
• feeding bacteria
• protecting the soil surface
• aerating the soil
• water management
• reducing run-off
• preventing wind erosion
• holding soil
• increasing porosity of soil
• conserving soil moisture
• weed control
• insect control
• attracting beneficial insects
• increasing yields for following crops
• adding residue
• increasing soil biology and life
• reducing leeching of nutrients

Lancaster Ag is committed to building a green tomorrow and cover crops play a huge role in accomplishing this goal.

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