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UL-Blend - 4.5 lb Bucket
UL-Blend - 4.5 lb Bucket
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Detailed Description

Nutritional Support For Ulcers and Stomach Issues in Horses

Signs of ulcers may be poor appetite, weight loss, poor condition, mild to severe colic, grinding of teeth, salivation from esophageal reflux, attitude changes, nervousness and irritability, discomfort and poor training or performance. Since it is VERY costly to treat ulcers with traditional protocols, it is important to prevent them before they start.

In our research, we conducted a 2-year study using Ul-Cerase on an array of horses with various symptoms of ulcers. The success rate of the product was phenomenal.

Directions: Top Dress 1 Scoop (1/2 ounce) two times daily